Scenarios When a Building Inspection Report is Important

Building inspections is not a new term in the real estate agent. It merely refers to the process of check the condition of the building to know if its fit for human use. The inspections are typically conducted by professional inspectors after which they produce a report to show the findings. Then from the report, whoever asked for those inspections can know the right cause of action to take. This article will look at three case scenarios of how a building inspection report can be used.

Building Inspection Report for the Homeowner

As a homeowner, you can ask to have your home inspected by hiring professional building inspectors. After your home inspected, a report of the findings will be presented to you on or before 48 hours. Now, the inspection report in this scenario will help you know the real condition of your home. Also, the report will point out those areas of your home that have deteriorated and needed some repair. For example, the inspector could have looked at the attic, the walls, the basement, roof, electrical appliances etc. Then depending on the findings, as a homeowner, you will know what areas to repair and also you will know what to do to prevent such damages. By doing repairs, you will be adding value to your house and also ensuring that your home will serve you for many years.

An inspection Report for a Home Buyer

Building inspections are a standard procedure when buying a home. We all want to make a worthy investment when purchasing a home. Since you do not know the actual state of the building, here is where an inspection comes handy. After the inspector has conducted some inspections, they will produce an inspection report. From the report, as a prospective home buyer, you will determine if to buy the house or not based on the findings. If lots of repairs are needed, you can decide to terminate the deal and get another house for sale. However, if the repairs needed are manageable, you can negotiate a better deal and do the repairs, or you can ask the seller to do the repairs before you make a purchase.

An Inspection Report for the Home Seller

Now, before a seller lists a property for sale, the best thing is to have the home inspected. This way, the seller will get an inspection report which will help/her determine any problems in the property before selling. He can collect the issues or disclose that to the buyer so that the buyer can know what he/she is buying. It creates trust between the seller and the buyer.

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