The Two Types of Palm Tree Removal

It is sad to see your palm tree being removed but sometimes you cannot help it. After taking care of your palm tree for many years, a time will come when the palm tree is no longer serving your interest. When this time comes, there is nothing more you can do other than having the palm tree removed. It is just but a necessary procedure that needs to be done professionally. Removing a palm tree can be a risky job, and so there is no need to try and do it on your own especially for mature trees that are near houses, structures or near power lines. The noble thing to do is hire a palm tree care company that will do the removal professionally.

When you decide to remove a palm tree, two types of removal can be done depending on your needs and also the size of the tree. This article will look at the two methods of palm tree removals Darwin so that you can know what best works for you.

Removal without killing the tree (uprooting)

Imagine your palm tree is less than 10 feet high and you have realised that you need to use the space it occupies for a home improvement project like when you want to extend your kitchen, building a carport etc. In such a case, you do not have much of an option rather than to have the palm tree removed. However, instead of having the young palm tree cut down, you can have it removed alive and transferred to another location in your compound. If you do not have the space for the palm tree, you can give it your neighbour or a friend instead of destroying the palm tree. This is the best thing you can do instead of having the palm tree destroyed. In this case, you need to hire a palm tree company with the right equipment to transfer a tree from one location to another while ensuring minimum to no damage to the tree.

Cutting the palm tree

When you have a huge palm tree that is posing a danger to your family and property, the best thing to do is have the palm tree removed. Since the palm tree has already served the best of its years, it cannot be transferred, and so the best thing is to have the palm tree cut down. Also, when the palm tree is infected, the best thing is to cut it down. For any palm tree that is over 10 feet and is not needed, palm tree removals Darwin is the solution since transferring the tree is impossible as it is already huge.

Regardless of the removal method, always ensure that you are working with a qualified and reliable palm tree removal company for safety, efficiency and professionalism.