Four Things a Pergola Can Do For You

Did you know that people mostly build pergolas for various reasons other than its shade feature? That’s right. While a pergola is a structure that purposely gives off some much-needed shade, people build it under the mindset that doesn’t include the shade factor. So what does a pergola do?


At the Aldinga Home Improvements – Pergolas are one of our speciality. We create pergolas for various kinds of purposes. While shade is an obvious reason, there are other more purposes for building it. Here are four of them:


1.) Stylish Privacy


You might that believe this, but a pergola offers you some much-needed privacy. If you’re currently living in a suburb where one of your neighbour’s house is a bit too close to yours, it can get awkward. At times you go to your backyard only to find out that your neighbour is also there. So, cut the line by building a pergola to disrupt their view from your yard. A pergola can be just as practical and stylish when it comes to securing your privacy. Make sure you place climbing vines and allow them to grow wildly for some added distraction.


2.) Roof


You might protest against this as a pergola isn’t technically a roof. However, with some customisation, you can turn it into a mini outdoor roof and use it for various purposes like an outdoor dining area, a place to lounge and relax, and a place where you can find rest and enjoy the outdoors.


3.) Luxurious Outdoor Feature


Pergolas are just stunningly elegant. They can instantly improve a yard’s overall look and add some much-needed value to your home overall. They offer considerable contributions to your outdoor living setting, all while commanding a sense of luxury. Whatever colour you incorporate, the trim details and perhaps hanging some draperies all contribute to its overall luxurious feel.



4.) Blocks Out Wind


It’s quite hard to enjoy the outdoors if the wind is blowing onto you like it’s an aeroplane propeller. But worry not, as a pergola is an ultimate solution to that problem. Just add some drapes and curtains to your pergola, and you can now enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the wild Australian winds.


At the Aldinga Home Improvements – Pergolas are one of the most in-demand outdoor features. It provides a lot of benefits other than just shade. So if you are looking to build or install a pergola, make sure you contact us for assistance.