Reasons to Consult with a Podiatrist

You are reading this post because you probably have heard a thing or two about a podiatrist, but you are not sure what this healthcare professional does. A podiatrist is an expert in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of common foot issues including injuries, arthritis, gout, ingrown, toenails and others involving the lower limbs. There are several possible causes for foot discomfort and pain, and the podiatrist Adelaide is the one to consult for a solution.

If you still feel some pain on your foot that even self-care at home couldn’t provide relief, and you notice some symptoms such as redness, pain or swelling in your feet or ankles, today is the time to set an appointment with a podiatrist.

You Got Injured in Sports or Recreation Activity

If you are an athlete, or perhaps you engage in recreational activities such as running and walking, there is a big possibility for you to have foot injuries. It includes ruptured tendons or torn ligaments in the foot, fractures of the toe or bunions and many more.

If ever you have any of those injuries, it is best to see a podiatrist immediately. A podiatrist might recommend different treatments depending on the injury — remedies such as resting or icing your affected foot, compression therapy, pain medication or surgery if the case is worst. Often, they also recommend physical therapy since it will help to regain mobility in the areas affected. Aside from that, it also helps to strengthen the rest of your joints and ligaments in the body.

Preventive care is a must, most especially if you are active in sports. It means that you have to wear properly designed shoes for your game. Also, you should ensure that your shoes fit so well your foot. One way to prevent injuries from happening is by doing warm-up exercises and gentle stretching of the foot and ankle before doing the activity.

You Suffer from Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of foot arthritis that is degenerative. It is generally due to wear and tear of the joints of the foot as you age. Some signs that you already have arthritis is when you feel stiffness or pain and swelling in your foot joints, or you are now having troubles in moving your toes and bearing weight down on your feet.

Through inquiring about your symptoms and making some diagnosis by examining your feet, your podiatrist can provide you answers why you feel that constant pain. Your podiatrist Adelaide might also ask you to walk or to flex your foot for observation. Likewise, an x-ray might help to provide an efficient diagnosis.

It is not all the time that surgery is the answer to treating foot arthritis. Few nonsurgical methods will effectively heal the pain you feel in your foot. Treatment such as anti-inflammatory medication will help to reduce the swelling of your foot and joint pain.