Three Stunning Marion-Lee Bridal Hair and Makeup Ideas to Slay on Your Wedding Day

Every woman dreams of becoming the most beautiful bride during their wedding day. That’s why if that critical day comes, it’s time you turn that dream into reality. We have a list of the top three best Marion-Lee bridal hair and makeup ideas that will make sure you’ll be the centre of everyone’s attention during your wedding day.



Long Curly Hairs for Wedding

Keep in mind that even the most plain hairstyles can provide the most breathtaking look for a woman. If you have incredibly long hair, you can try out the simple long and curly hairstyle. While this may be a simple hairstyle, the amount of options that you can take is immense. You can part your hair in the middle to create a more wholesome look, or go fierce with a side-swept look where the majority of your long hair is grouped nicely on one end of your head. You can also choose to incorporate curly bangs or leave it altogether. For wedding makeup, you can go for the luscious red lipstick coupled with a blush on your cheeks to add a pinkish look as a finishing touch.


Simple Yet Stunning Marion-Lee Bridal Hair and Makeup for Long Hair

Here’s another one for brides with long hair. This wedding hairstyle is pretty, and all women are suitable for this look. It features long, curly hair that intensifies all the way to the very tips. It also features a chic, smokey eye makeup that looks great on any wedding hairstyle. However, you shouldn’t match your dark eyes with dark lipstick. Your lips should be in a lighter tone to balance everything and make your look pop. You can complement this look with some long earrings to frame your face and make it long longer and thinner.


Braided Updo Hairstyle for Brides

It may not look traditional, but braids are also rising in trend as an ideal hairstyle for brides. This hairstyle and makeup combination features a large twist of hair that sits on top of your head like a bird’s nest. It also features a bright pink eyeshadow that’s light. It makes any woman look younger and cuter – much like a Barbie doll. The rosy cheeks also complement the entire look as well. If you’re confident that you have a beautiful face, you can show it off to the whole world by braiding your hair into a high bun that sits on top of your head.


We have a lot more Marion-Lee bridal hair and makeup ideas on our blog page. Check it out now and learn some new techniques and styles that you never knew before.