Choosing the Right CCTV Cameras Adelaide

CCTV cameras are mainly used in commercial and residential establishments. They are designed for monitoring and surveillance purposes. The CCTV industrial cameras and the hidden cameras, for example, are used to monitor the activities happening inside business premises, factories, and similar work environments. With CCTV Adelaide, business owners can keep an eye on how their employees work when they are not under supervision and can as well address issues regarding safety and security.

Although the CCTV systems are commonly used on business premises, this does not mean they cannot be used in homes. In fact, many companies are today producing CCTVs for houses too. This means that homeowners can as well enjoy the security that comes with these devices in their homes.

For those people looking for CCTV systems for their home, you need to consider a few important things before making any purchase. Below are some of the considerations:

Camera resolution

For your CCTV camera to be effective, you need to ensure that it has a good image quality. There are CCTV systems out there that can capture coloured videos and there also some that record HD videos as well. The benefit of high-resolution cameras over the low-resolution varieties is that you can get clear images. This is a good feature especially if you want to get a clear view of people coming in and out of your home. You will never have problems identifying individuals coming to your home.


Where you place your CCTV cameras can affect the way you protect your home. It’s essential that you install your cameras in strategic areas around your houses. For instance, installing CCTV cameras in your outdoors and specifically at the entrance and exit points of your house is a great way of deterring burglars and thieves from getting into your home. The moment the burglars note that you have installed security cameras, they will abort their mission. However, some burglars are stubborn and will try destroying your cameras before getting in. For this, you can have other hidden cameras that have a good view of your outdoors to ensure that even if they tamper with the main CCTV cameras, you can still get footage and see what happened.

Features and functions

When purchasing a CCTV Adelaide camera for your house, you also need to consider whether it’s equipped with the features that are necessary for keeping your home protected. For example, there are wired, wireless, and CCTV cameras with night vision. Then there are also those that detect motion and others that can record audio as well. Therefore, know what you want and go for what you can afford.