The Dos and Don’ts of Proper Fencing Adelaide

Fencing your home may sound simple. But there’s actually a lot of things to consider, as well as many factors to address before you can successfully perform a home fencing job. Fencing also requires a lot of knowledge on the task. So, if you aren’t knowledgeable with fencing, it’s best to hire a professional that can. However, if you do have some basic knowledge and would want to do fencing Adelaide on your own, here are some of the dos and don’ts of proper fencing.



The DO’s

  • Double-check a couple of times to make sure you’ve received all the parts and materials before you start construction.
  • Make sure the concrete that will be used to corners and ends is completely set before tightening the monofilament line or hanging the fence mesh.
  • Use a sturdy and functional level. It will ensure perfectly plum posts.
  • Mound the dirt around your posts to prevent water pooling.
  • Gather all your tools before you start working. That way, you won’t have to go back and forth to get the tools you need. Make sure they’re all in working order.
  • Add crushed stones or gravel to the bottom of your postholes. This will give your post a solid base. But if you’re installing a heavy clay or rock, this won’t be necessary.
  • Make sure you plan the ideal gate placement before you begin construction. Doing so will avoid potential issues with brace and post-placement.
  • Dry-fit all parts before drilling or installing.
  • Before installing the posts, install your post extensions and post caps.
  • Use a zip tie for every foot along with your line posts.
  • Stake your fence every five feet. Wild animals like wombats, deer, or even kangaroos can go under your fence before over it.



The DON’T’s

  • Don’t install your fence without determining your exact property lines carefully. You might encounter issues with your neighbour once you go over it.
  • Don’t just eyeball post-placement. Measure it accurately for an evenly spaced fence posts. Mark all post locations in a line before you start digging. You don’t ever want to end up with six posts 15’ apart and then the last three feet from the corner posts.
  • Don’t skip corner bracing. Note that corner posts carry the entire weight of your fence stretched into two directions. That means bracing should be installed in each direction for sturdy and more secure fencing.
  • Don’t just dump your soil in and around your line posts and tamp them down with your feet. Instead, add soil in increments of around six inches and gently tamp them with a wood post or tamping device.


Here are just a few of the most important do’s and don’ts of fencing Adelaide. For more fencing tips and tricks, check out our blog page.