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If you’re living in Australia, you’ve probably heard about novated leasing. It’s the type of lease that will earn you your dream car plus all the benefits that comes with it. It’s one of the best contracts you can ever get for yourself or your family. But before you can reap the benefits, you need to use our fully maintained novated lease calculator first to discover just how much you’re going to get out of novated leasing.





Why Novated Leasing?

It is a well-known fact that thousands upon thousands of Aussies benefit from novated leasing every year. That’s right. Novated leasing provides a lot of benefits, namely the following:


Maximise Your Income

Increase your purchasing power and tax advantages and make the most of your salary. With novated leasing, you can achieve all of that and can even take home more from your pay.


Easy Management

Novated leasing features a simple repayment policy which covers the finance and running costs straight from your salary. It creates easy budgeting, which is always a welcoming benefit in every leasing contract.



Get Discounts at Every Step!

Ditch personal finance and go for the novated leasing! How’s getting discounts on your car purchase, fuel, running costs, and car maintenance – all in one bundle!


Get Access to Online Services

Novated lease lets you get access to online vehicle information through our online novated leasing services. We provide full reporting and transparency of data at every step of the way.


Try Our Fully Maintained Novated Lease Calculator

Find out just how affordable and beneficial novated leasing can be with our top-notch, fully maintained novated lease calculator! By using our innovative novated lease calculator, you can find out just how little it will cost for you to have the vehicle you’ve always imagined. You can choose from the following categories: small, mid-sizes, large, SUV, luxury. Each group features a wide price range, enabling you to fully customise your novated leasing and make sure everything falls under your favour.


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Our fully maintained novated leasing is only useful if you do commit towards applying for a novated lease from us. If you need to know just how much you can save from our novated leasing programme, request a quote today and try out out novated leasing calculator. It provides you with everything you need to know about the type of novated lease you want to apply, plus the add-ons and other features that you want to include.


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