Comparing Hinged and Sliding Doors in Closets and Wardrobes

You know for a fact that the purchase of a closet or wardrobe is a long-term investment. You choose to buy one to organise your stuff in the bedroom and provide your space with that much needed aesthetic improvement. While you probably are focused on several factors like the style, material, and colour of the closet or wardrobe, the one thing you should give equal attention to is the type of door.

When it comes to determining the ideal type of door for your closet or wardrobe, your primary options are hinged or sliding doors. We will try to discuss everything we can about the two options to help you understand which one addresses your needs.

The Hinged or Swing Type

There is no doubt that the most common variety of wardrobe door is the one with hinges. It is a convenient option that you will find in most of the prospective wardrobes in your search. The type of door is known as a swing or hinged door, and it is ideal for all kinds of wardrobe or closet design, shape, and size. When you choose hinged closet doors, you expect to obtain the following benefits:

  • It offers improved visibility since it becomes more convenient for you to spot things once you open the door. The reason is that it gives you a complete view of your closet. In other words, the door mechanism does not conceal one side or area of the closet or wardrobe.
  • Another benefit is that you get enough hanging space. The hinged closet doors allow you to hang your accessories, including belts, bags, scarves, and others on the back of the door.
  • Because swing doors are the earliest type of door for closets and wardrobes, it means you now can choose from an extensive array of designs, colours, and styles. You can even select ones with mirrored, shutters, or laminated forms.



Sliding Door Type

The second type of door meant for closets and wardrobe is the one which uses a sliding mechanism. As the term suggests, a sliding door has a movable system which glides horizontally along metal channels, which in turn are fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. The most important advantage of a sliding door is its contemporary and sleek look. So, if your primary goal in choosing a closet is to improve the aesthetic value of your room, then you should consider a sliding door. The benefits of sliding doors for closets and wardrobes include:

  • The sliding door offers extensive length, which means you can choose a large wardrobe to accommodate all your stuff, including clothes, cosmetics, luggage, and many other accessories.

The contemporary style will allow the wardrobe to become the focal point of the bedroom, and you can choose one with a mirror design to give you the ideal combination of functionality and style.