Signs that Your Car Needs a Visit to Your Local Mercedes Service & Maintenance Adelaide Centre

Your car might need servicing without you knowing it. We don’t want you to get in trouble on the road by driving a faulty car. That’s why we bring your three common signs that your vehicle needs a visit to your local Mercedes service & maintenance Adelaide centre.


Engine Warning Light Indicator Lights Up

The most apparent sign of your car telling you that it needs maintenance is the engine warning indicator. Once a yellow “engine check” light appears on your dashboard, you should take your vehicle to your local garage service centre right away there are a plethora of different engine problems that this light could indicate. That’s why taking it immediately to your local car servicing centre is the ideal way of knowing what the underlying issue truly is.


Strange Noises

Have you ever heard some strange and unusual noises whenever you drive your car? If you do, then you should take your vehicle to your local Mercedes service & maintenance Adelaide centre. Any new and odd noises coming from your car should be checked before it develops into something more serious. Here’s a list of potential sounds that you may hear from your vehicle and what they could potentially mean:


  • Very loud exhaust noise – this could indicate that your exhaust has a crack or a hole.
  • Whining sound from under the hood – caused by a loose belt, causing all sorts of different issues from battery problems to overheating.
  • Metal-on-metal noise – it could potentially be a broken part of your car scraping on something else. If not checked right away, this could lead to more significant damages.
  • Uneven engine noise – you usually hear this sound when your car is idling. It could also mean that your car engine is misfiring and will need immediate fixing.
  • Crunching gears – the gearbox gets a lot of wear and tear, which is why parts and fluids need regular replacing. If you head a crunching noise whenever you change gears, take your car to a service centre right away.



Smoke coming from Under the Hood

The smoke that comes from under the hood of your vehicle is usually caused by overheating and issues with your radiator. The smoke is generally white. While you should get your vehicle checked right away, seeing streams of smoke coming from under your hood doesn’t indicate that you’re in immediate danger. Check your car’s temperature gauge. If it’s starting to reach maximum, pull over and wait for your vehicle to cool down before you turn it back on. Don’t forget to take it to a local Mercedes service & maintenance Adelaide centre for further check-ups.