Ways to Remove a Palm Tree Stump

Unlike any other trees out there, palm trees are entirely different. They don’t have the roots that you typically see in a typical, sturdy tree. That’s the reason why there are so many different approaches towards having its stump removed. Palm tree stump removal Gold Coast offers a lot of methods for removing a palm tree stump, all depending either on the situation or your preference. Here are some of the ways to remove a palm tree stump:


1.) Grinding


You can never go wrong with the conventional grinding and removing the stump. Almost every tree stump removal services use this type of method as it is easier and much faster compared to any other approach. It’s also the only option that they can take. Grinding involves equipment called a tree grinder, which will grind the entire tree stump into small bits and pieces, allowing the stump removal team to cut through and remove any debris from the soil.


2.) Digging


You can also choose to dig up your palm tree stump and uproot it right away. Unlike any other tree, palms usually don’t have thick and long roots like any other typical tree. What they do have are long, thin, fibrous, aerial roots called rhizosphore. These features make a palm tree stump easy to dig and uproot without much hassle.


3.) Shovelling


Similar to digging, you can do the palm tree stump removal Gold Coast on your own using a standard shovel and some muscle. The gut of a palm tree is very soft, especially when it has died and withered. So using a shovel and digging into its very roots is a conventional method that’s fast and easy to do.


4.) Just Leave It There to Rot


Unlike ordinary tree stumps, a palm tree stump easily rots, and that makes it easy to remove. After cutting your palm tree, leave its stump to rot for several months. Once decayed, you can easily uproot it without even exerting much force. You do need to dig in a little bit to soften up the soil.



Hire a Professional


If you don’t like to get all dirty with your palm tree stump removal Gold Coast, you can always hire a professional to do the work for you. They have the equipment and the skills necessary. So don’t hesitate to call your local tree stump removal services and let them do their magic for your palm tree stump.