Retractable vs Fixed: Which Awnings are Best for the Patio?

Awnings are the most popular outdoor shades today that many homeowners and commercial buildings showcase. However, with a wide variety of patio shades and canopies to choose from, it can get hard picking a particular type for your patio.



If you’re thinking of having new awnings installed in your patio, there are certain things to consider so you can decide if fixed awnings or retractable awnings suit your patio.


Wood Furniture or Warm, Cozy Themes


If you have a patio that features wood furniture, it is understandable that you appreciate nature and all things about it. Fixed awnings can be installed in patios with wood, but if your house is located in an area where star-gazing is possible, you may want to opt for retractable folding arm awnings Adelaide.


Experts recommend retractable shades for people who enjoy the afternoon sun and those who love to gaze at the stars while enjoying the company of friends or family. These canopy types are also recommended for homeowners who opt for cozy and soft sofas or smooth-edged tables in the patio.


Steel Themes


If your patio has showcases steel furniture and a mix of rustic tones blended in, you can use both fixed and retractable canopies. Whatever your final choice is, experts say you should opt for dark red or dark orange colours to provide a striking contrast on your patio’s overall design.




The weather is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing awnings for your patio. Exterior designers will recommend fixed shades for residential homes in regions that often experience harsh weather changes. Permanent awnings are more suitable for homes that have to withstand frequent downpours and extra humid days.


White, Classy Themes


If your patio matches the white walls and classy theme of your property, you can try retractable folding arm awnings Adelaide. These shade types come in various colours but you can go for a dark tone if you want more contrast, or you can go for a whitish hue if you prefer complimentary themes in your patio.

Permanent canopies can be the right choice too depending on the texture, colour, and design that you pick. Experts suggest fixed awnings made of dark material if you have a classy-themed patio so you won’t have to keep changing the shade multiple times a year.


The above aspects are essential in helping you make a great choice. Awnings can either make or break the overall aesthetics of your patio. Before making a purchase, make sure to consult with your local provider and discuss your preferences. Professionals will always have a good set of advice to help make your decision-making more relaxed and more inclined to your expectations.