Why Seek a TAE40116 Upgrade?

Contrary to what some parties say, the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) is not the same as that of the more recent TAE40116 upgrade. Although these two belong to the same general qualifications, they are not equivalent.

It may be true that both qualifications require a minimum of ten units of competency, but the similarity ends there. For example, TAE40110 only requires completion of seven core units and at least three elective units. On the other hand, a TAE40116 qualification needs the achievement of nine core units along with one elective unit.

If you are wondering what those two additional core units are, they are called TAEASS502 Design and Development Assessment Tools and TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills. Furthermore, TAEASS401 supersedes the Unit TAEASS401B called Plan Assessment Activities and Processes, but the two units are also not equivalent because the new unit has increased assessment requirements.

Meanwhile, TAEASS403 supersedes the Unit TAEASS403B or the Participate in Assessment Validation. Accordingly, the two are also not equivalent because the new unit has increased requirements. Nonetheless, it is worthy of mention that while assessment requirements have changed, it still is true that the other specified units intended for TAE40110 are equivalent to those created to supersede them.

For the TAE40116 upgrade, it is crucial to note that there is a new entry requirement. To be specific, anyone who enters the program must showcase vocational competency in the particular area of teaching and assessment. If you are curious what vocational skill means in this regard, it refers to the extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. For the most part, it includes holding a relevant unit of qualification.

There are instances where a student may have already attained the required units for the TAE40116 upgrade. The most obvious explanation is that the student might have obtained the core units via electives in qualifying for TAE40110. Another possible reason is when the student attained the same as part of his or her study in a related program where he or she received a Diploma. If you can relate to either case, it means you qualify for receiving a credit transfer for TAEASS502 Design and Develop Assessment Tools, or if preferred, the TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills.

If a student holds both core units, he or she only needs to show proof of qualifications for TAEASS401 and TAEASS403, while also ensuring the fulfilment of the new entry requirements. If the student fails to show evidence and fulfils the new entry requirements, it means that he or she must complete the relevant gap training. Finally, interested students must acknowledge that the pricing for the TAE40116 upgrade varies, depending primarily on the gap training requirement as well as the mode of study chosen for completion.