What You Must Know About Soil pH Meters

A soil pH meter is an indispensable tool that every avid gardener must have within reach. It is a practical and useful device you will appreciate you have, especially before the start of the growing season. Its purpose is to figure out how acidic the soil in your garden is. It also gives an understanding of the acidic level of the ground, which in turn could spell the difference between a successful growing season and a total failure.

Having the knowledge and information about your soil, especially its acidity levels, is the only way for you to make the necessary adjustments for it to become conducive for planting. Know that an increase of the value of 1 on a soil pH meter is indicative of the ten times increase in the acidity of the soil when you translate it to chemical values.

Where to find soil pH tester is the least of your concerns right now. The truth is you must first learn the three primary types of this device before you start shopping for one. These are electronic, chemical dye, and strip test. Let us go over each type, and we’ll let you decide which one best fits your gardening needs.

1 – Electronic Soil pH Meter

The electronic variety is well-suited for beginners in gardening and landscaping. It is an instrument best used for people who need quick and accurate readings. It is a highly useful kit that provides an accurate reading for soil pH. It usually is made up of either an analog or LED screen enclosed in a waterproof case. The advantages of a digital soil pH tester include that of quick and accurate reading. It is also easy to use, reusable and can last for years, and no overly complicated features. However, its primary drawback is its costly price tag.

2 – Chemical Dye Soil pH Meter

The chemical dye soil pH meter is what an average planting enthusiast and hobbyist would want. Like the first option, it also hands out an accurate pH level reading on the soil. It comes with three components, including a bottle of soil testing solution, a vial of barium sulphate testing powder, and an empty container where you put the soil for testing. The best attributes of this variety of soil pH meter include that of being affordable, can accommodate 15 individual tests, and convenient to use. The downside is that mixing contents may require considerable effort.

3 – Strip Test Soil pH Meter

This type of soil pH meter is the perfect tool for someone who regularly tests soil pH levels for improvement purposes and serious gardening responsibilities. It works like a litmus paper in which you dip it in a solution of water and soil you get from your garden. Give it about 20 seconds to change colour. You interpret the result by comparing the colour with a chart included in the kit. It is advantageous in a way that it is the easiest to use, but accuracy is not like that of the previous two varieties we mentioned above.

So, before you figure out where to find soil pH tester, be sure you already know which of the three we mentioned is the one that addresses your needs for a tester.